Extra Large Oversized Ceiling Lampshades

These oversized, large drum ceiling lampshades can make a real statement in any room. Sizes up to a 70cm diameter can be hung in the normal way for a ceiling pendant, the large 100cm diameter size lampshade needs a bit of extra support and can hold up to 3 light bulbs if you wish. They are hung from a ceiling plate with hooks and suspension cable and we advise asking a qualified electrician to install the lampshade.
I have offered them here on this page in a few of the most popular colours & prints but they are also included in the drop down list for most other lampshades on my website, or if you prefer in your fabric for a bespoke lampshade.
I am also able to make them with a gold or silver colour inner & they look fab if they are lined in a contrasting fabric, just like these I made for Bon Maison.
If you prefer not to see the inside of your shade you could have a diffuser.
Please contact me if you need any more info.